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OStR' Daniela Boßmeyer-Hoffmann

Gymnasium "In der Wüste"
Kromschröderstr. 33
49080 Osnabrück


                                             Topics in Class                                                                       ______________________________________________________

USA - Big Cities - Open Spaces

Moon Palace

"Moon Palace" by Paul Auster: Micro- and macrocosmic narration

homework: see projects here

Lernpapier civilization and wilderness


New York

Hyperlinks in Poetry  O'Hara: "A Step Away from Them"

A City of Fulfilment and Failure

PP Presentation: Central Park


The American Frontier and the American Dream

Manifest Destiny in Gast's "American Progress" (1872)

Preemption Act

Horace Greeley "Go West, Young Man!"

F.J. Turner: "The Significance of the Frontier in American History"


Open Spaces

Easy Rider



Gender Roles

Men and Women in Modern Society


Cross Cultural Encounters

"East is East"

"Brick Lane" by Monica Ali


Helpful Downloads for Writing

Glossary of Terms
How to Analyse a Poem (approaches, helpful expressions)
List of Connectors
Some Useful Phrases for Interpretation
Paragraph Writing (doc)
How to Characterize a Person
Useful Vocabulary for Characterizing a Person (doc)
How to Analyse a Painting
Useful Vocabulary for Analysing a Painting (pdf)
How to Write a Summary


Draft for  Masters of Literature Clubs






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